You Like You, You Really Do!

(Self-Esteem and how it will help you lose weight)

We can really put ourselves down before and during the weight-loss process.  You’ve probably already learned to scrutinize every last perceived flaw when it comes to your body. Even as you make progress, you might still put yourself down. You may even think that losing weight will help your lack of self-esteem…and it might.  But, the truth of the matter is that it’s the other way around. Your self-esteem is going to drive your weight loss.

Do you think you don’t have any self-esteem? Well, think again. We all have a some level of self-esteem–something about us that we love and respect. It’s just up to each and every one of us to bring it to the surface.

I think it’s worth repeating: Your self-esteem, belief and love of yourself, is going to drive your weight loss.  That may sound strange because most of us think that willpower is the main force. But think about it, why did you decide to lose weight in the first place?

“I didn’t like how I looked” or “I was disappointed that I couldn’t walk up 3 flights of stairs” may be true reasons, but they don’t paint the complete picture. Without really delving into these answers, both seem like they have absolutely nothing to do with self-love. But when you reflect on each, they’re really both centered on your sense of self-esteem.  What each really comes down to is the fact that you have recognized that you deserve better.  You knew that you deserve to look and feel better about yourself. A part of you realizes you’re worthy of the investment of time and the commitment it takes to do it.

Let’s bring this sense of esteem to the forefront of your thoughts especially when you’re on the scale or in front of the mirror and that hateful inner-voice is trying to out shout your truth.

You didn’t “ruin” your week of trying to lose weight by having a scoop of ice cream…you had a really great week and happened to have some ice cream.

It’s not that you have 30 pounds to lose…you’ve already lost 8 pounds and are over 25% there!

If you find yourself having trouble thinking of yourself as your own best friend and in terms of the positives, start speaking in positives.  Tell yourself and others about your achievements and stop putting yourself down because the truth of the matter is, you know you deserve to be the best person you can possibly be.  Soon, and with repetition, you really will think the same way and knowing you deserve to look good and feel healthy will take you to your ultimate goal weight!