Everyday Exercise

Little movements really do add up!

WalkingAlmost all of us know how important it is to schedule time to exercise each day. But, have you ever thought about how you can complement those efforts and build upon your planned routine?

Remember that every move your body makes is some form of exercise.

Take a brisk walk around the mall a couple times. It’s a good way to add some more exercise to your day while you’re scoping out some hot deals. Grandma always said, “A  watched pot never boils,” so instead of just idly waiting for the water to heat up, wipe up the kitchen, take out the trash or organize the fridge.   Who needs pavilion seats? Purchase a lawn ticket when you go to an outdoor concert so you can stand and dance. Don’t aim the car for the closest parking space; put some extra steps into your day by parking away from your destination. Putter around the house. Pace while you’re on the phone. Wash your own car, shovel your own snow, cut your own lawn and paint your own rooms. These are all only a few ways to keep your body burning calories.

Adding movement every chance you get can really have an impact on how many calories you burn. It will also work to increase your energy level and reduce stress, too. Move it, baby!