The “Girl From Ipanema” is Getting Bigger

brazilian woman

As the ever-trending diet and exercise world delves into Brazilian butt-lifting and special berry mixtures in the hopes of getting slim without effort, this news hits headlines:

Here is what MSNBC is reporting:

Nearly half of adult Brazilians are overweight and about 15 percent are obese, Brazil’s IBGE social statistics agency said on Friday, citing the results of a national study carried out with the Health Ministry.

Among 20- to 24-year-olds, the percentage of men who were overweight jumped to 50.1 percent from 18.5 percent in a survey carried out in 1974, while the percentage of overweight women rose to 48 percent from 28.7 percent.

Brazilian officials are blaming the country’s increased incidence of wealth as a major factor and are now considering the obesity problem in their country a “red alert,” although rates are far below those of Americans.

What is most interesting about this information is the fact that the more affluent the Brazilians have become, the more lax they have become about taking care of their bodies. It’s like being in the position to be able to buy a Rolls Royce and then driving it around like it’s a bumper car. In US and Canada, it seems to be the reverse. It’s typically the poor in the US who are, on average, more overweight or obese than the general population.

How would you explain this disparity?