“Waiting” Can Actually Help You to Lose Weight!

Spiral ClockA major challenge to accomplishing any goal in life, doing what it takes to lose weight included, is finding the time to do it.  This is where your creativity comes into play in the form of of freeing up stalled minutes from the 1440 minutes you get each day and using these short bursts of time to your distinct advantage.

A really good example is as you’re sitting behind the wheel as you’re stalled in traffic. Commuting is a ‘hurry-up and wait’ game. Sure you could spend the lag-time sighing, #$!&-ing and working on increasing your blood pressure. Another option is to actually use these otherwise wasted minutes to your advantage by filling them with planning, relaxing, exercising and even gaining support–all of which can help you accomplish the goals you’re after.

So, using traffic congestion as just one time thug of many, here are some creative, and infinitely better ways to get out of a holding pattern:

  • Ponder  your dinner plans for tonight. Are you cooking, eating out or still undecided? If you still haven’t made up your mind what you’re going to do, nail it down. If you’re going out, what are you going to eat that supports your healthy eating plan? Eating in? Think of ways to make an already relatively healthy dinner just a little bit healthier. Even if your new menu ideas require a stop to the grocery store, you figured it out early enough in the day to make quick stop on your way back home.
  • Instead of running through yellow lights, run through your day’s schedule at the intersection and come up with some time slots throughout the day to squeeze in some exercise. Even if it’s five minutes here and 10 minutes there, every little bit helps. No one said that exercising has to be done in one big chunk of time.
  • When you’re at a dead stop, tense and relax your muscles. Start at your toes and work your way up. Hold the tense and then slowly relax your muscles again. Let’s call it toning in traffic.
  • When the traffic gives way just a bit, more of your focus needs to be on the wheel and the road. So, use this time to repeat a mantra to yourself that works to motivate you toward your goals. A little inspiration can keep you going throughout the day.
  • Use a bluetooth headset (if legally allowed) to have a phone conversation while you’re in time limbo. Rely on the tried-and-true, ‘phone-a-friend.’ Call someone you can count on to give you an ear, a laugh, some grounded advice and an emotional boost,

Remember: You’re goal to live more healthfully requires a plan, time to devote to it and real action to make it a reality. Don’t give into “time thugs,” such as traffic, waiting in line or staring at a TV show you really have no interest in. Grab those minutes; they are yours’ and you only get so many a day.

Every minute spent focused on your goals, whatever they may be, brings you another step closer to them. Take care of your minutes and they’ll take care of you.