TRICK THE TREAT! Healthier Alternatives to Candy that Won’t Scare the Kids.

Kids trick or treating on Halloween nightHalloween brings out the kid in all of us. The million dollar question asked by so many nutrition-minded parents and treaters is, “How can I make the festivities a little more health-friendly without ruining the kids’ fun?”

Pulling off this trick is rather simple. All you have to do is to remove yourself from the traditional treat mindset and marketing ploys. Offer the kids more sensible, yet really tasty treats, such as these, that aren’t filled with nearly as many empty-calories.

  • Snack-size pretzels
  • 100% juice box (don’t be fooled by juice “drinks”–too much sugar and very few nutrients.)
  • Single-serving mini-bag un-popped popcorn (94% fat-free)
  • Chex 100 Calorie Snack Mix
  • Reduced-fat granola bars
  • String cheese
  • Rice Cakes (Don’t laugh. Quaker’s Caramel Corn or Chocolate Crunch Rice Cake are reminiscent of the Halloween popcorn balls of days past…and they are more flavorful!)
  • Single-size BAKED snacks (in lieu of fried chips)
  • Envelope of hot cocoa mix
  • Wendy’s Junior Frosty coupon