Weight Watchers Magazine Excerpt regarding New WW Program

This is an excerpt from a letter published on page 4 of the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. It is written by David Kirchhoff, president and ceo of Weight Watchers International, Inc.:

rubik's cube

"When it comes to losing weight, I don't want to solve a nutritional Rubik's Cube." - David Kirchoff, President and CEO Weight Watchers International, Inc.

…”I don’t know about you, but when it comes to losing weight, I don’t want to solve a nutritional Rubik’s Cube. I just want to eat food that taste great; provides good, healthy fuel for my body; and keeps me satisfied. What’s more, as someone who has lost weight through Weight Watchers, I truly understand that the more hectic life gets, the more critical it becomes to have a simple way to make the right food and exercise choices. Really, is this too much to ask?

The answer, I’m excited to announce is no. In fact, in late November of this year (note: US, in Canada it will be in early December) , we will be launching what I think is our most significant innovation since the POINTS system hit the scene some 13 years ago. This exciting new program (which will launch in our meeting and on weightwatchers.com) aligns perfectly with our tradition of providing you with the latest, most scientifically sound nutrition information. While it is (happily) still based on the POINTS system, it takes Weight Watchers to an entirely new–and outstanding–level.”

There you have it. So exciting!!!!