someone trying to kick a tree downAn old man living in the country had chopped wood for his stove by hand all his life. When his son from the city came by for a visit and saw his father hard at work with an ax, he said, “Dad, you ought to buy a chainsaw. You’ll cut more wood in an hour than you can in a day with an ax or a regular saw.”

The father, knowing how smart his son was, went to a nearby town and purchased a chainsaw. But he found it took much longer to cut the logs he needed, and after two days he took the chainsaw back to the store.

“This doesn’t work,” he told the clerk. “It’s heavy, it’s hard to move, and it doesn’t cut wood at all.”

“Well, let’s take a look at it,” the clerk said. He took the chainsaw outside and yanked the cord to start it up.

The old man clapped his hands over his ears and shouted, “What’s that awful noise?”

As we work at adopting healthier lifestyle habits, no matter what our age might be, many of us are like the old man in this story We have tools and resources at our disposal that can make our job easier, but sometimes we don’t know how to use them, or worse yet, we do know, but don’t use them.

How far do you think a new Weight Watchers member would get in losing weight if the only thing they did was to join Weight Watchers? I promise you, not far at all. Becoming a member is only the first step. Attending weekly meetings, where members get the opportunity to share experiences and inormatin in a supportive, casual environment and maintain motivation throughout their weight-loss journey, is so important.  Registering for Weight Watchers can be compared to the the chain saw the man held. Attending meetings and working the program is like yanking the cord and revving the motor up.

The same “old man and the chain saw” analogy can be used when it comes to the other tools available just waiting to make your job easier. It’s one thing to purchase a 3 Month Tracker, PointsPlus calculator or cookbook in the meeting room or subscribe to eTools and quite another to actually put these tools to work, letting them help you “get ‘er done.”

Yank the cord on as many of tools and resources you can get your hands on and really put some power into your weight-loss efforts. If they help you to lose one pound a week, by next year at this time, you could be 52 pounds lighter.