A Little Spying Might Do You Good

Woman spying from a trash canAs we’re working at losing weight or managing our weight, we can learn a lot through social media, Weight Watchers meetings and health-conscience friends. Let’s expand on that list! Try to learn positive behaviors from people you don’t know all that well. You can even learn from strangers.

Make it a point every day this week to watch coworkers, classmates, and even the person at the table next to you at a restaurant. When you notice a healthy habit of theirs’, imitate it!

  • Did the person across from you at the chinese restaurant place an order for a veggie stir-fry made with chicken broth instead of oil? Ask for it that way, too!
  • Is your coworker snacking on a clementine orange? Pick some up on your way home!
  • Did the person ahead of you in the bakery line ask for a loaf of whole grain bread? Opt for the same when your turn comes instead of bread made with white flour.

You can learn a lot from others’ good behaviors. Be a copycat and pick up the behaviors that will work for you.