Absorb the Awesomeness!

A meter pointing to "awesome."I was doing one of my very favorite things last week, leisurely browsing through a bookstore,  when I came across a book that practically jumped into my hands. Mind you, I never heard of the book before I saw it on the table, hadn’t read any reviews, didn’t catch a TV interview with the author and none of my friends recommended it. The title alone captured me. How could I pass up a book called, “The Book of Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Other Simple, Brilliant Things?” All I know is that I’m glad I checked out with the book in tow.The book is a compilation (a work-in-progress) of life’s little pleasures—those everyday, universal events that put a smile on our face and, as the title conveys, make us feel nothing short of awesome! Page after page, it reminds the reader of the small things we experience that cause us to do a mental fist-pump and mouth the words, “yeah!”

A few musings included in “The Book of Awesome” that gave me a kick:

  • The other side of the pillow

On nights when you just can’t sleep, one of the greatest things invented is simply Turning Over The Pillow. Yes, flipping over your pillow and checking out the other side cranks Bed Comfort up a few notches and is a simple and easy way to help you relax and get comfy.

The other side of the pillow, folks. Because it’s flat when you’re sagging, fresh when you’re stale, and cold when you’re hot, baby.


  • Fixing electronics by smacking them

Like The Fonz kicking the jukebox in “Happy Days,” Grandpa smacking the TV during “Wheel of Fortune,” or the bandana-clad mom shaking the washer when the heavy towel load gets it rocking, there is something great about fixing electronics by smacking them.

I mean, for once our instincts work. That doesn’t always happen in nature. Slap a bear on the snout when it’s picking through your trash and you might get a friendly mauling. Pull your brother’s hair when he steals your Xbox controller and you could find your toothbrush tossed in the toilet. But when a CD is skipping in the car, a friendly smack might just do the trick, so how about that?


  • The smell of rain on a hot sidewalk

There’s just something about the smell of rain on a hot sidewalk. It’s sort of like the rain cleans the air — completely hammering all the dirt and grime particles down to the ground and releasing some hot, baked-in chemicals from the pavement. It smells best if it hasn’t rained in a while and the sidewalk is scalding hot — then it sort of sizzles and steams up into a big, hot, intoxicating whiff.


After reading just a few of the musings and reliving those moments that we sometimes take for granted, I started to think about all the AWESOMENESS associated with getting to a healthier weight. We all have those moments! We can’t forget them and the feelings they stir up. Awesome happens every single day! It happens with every  new success and experience! C’mon, you know what I’m talking about. It’s things like these:

  • Darn, I have to send the sales clerk back out for a smaller size

There is great pleasure to be had when you grab a pair of jeans you like from the rack and go back to the dressing room with fingers and toes crossed hoping that they’ll fit. With your fear-meter tripping out, you try them on. OMG, they DON’T fit. You need another size…..a SMALLER size.


  • Your Energy Switch Automatically Toggles to “On”

Remember how you felt walking that first ‘real’ walk. The one where you notice that your heart is pumping a little faster. The one that makes your face “glisten.” (Thank you, mom for drilling it into my head that  women don’t sweat.) All of a sudden, you don’t mind that you’re exerting yourself more than usual, in fact you’re up for the challenge. Almost without thinking, you go a little further and faster than you originally planned. You can almost feel the runner’s number flapping on your back and maybe even hear a crowd on the sideline cheering you on. Ok, maybe it’s just the neighbors lawn mower making that sound, but you feel good! It feels good. It’s all good!


  • The “Don’t Dare Me” Factor

Weight-loss triggers the double-dog-dare-you gene out of recession. Lose a few pounds and you’re ready to try things you’ve only watched other people do, whether it be putting on a backpack and taking a hike, lacing up a pair of inline skates and taking a spin around the block or kayaking across a lake. Forget about embarrassing your kids. Who cares if you’re the talk of the neighborhood. Give ’em something to talk about! No longer will you accept being a spectator, you want to do it! You can do it! You should do it! You do do it!


  • Figuring Out What Next Year’s Resolution is Going to Be.

For years, at midnight on December 31st, you resolved that the upcoming year was going to be THE year you were going to lose weight. Now that the plan is coming (or has come) to fruition, you have a new problem to deal with: If you don’t have to lose weight, what’s next year’s resolution going to be?  Love these kinds of problems!