It’s Fun, It’s Fitness, It’s Fun! Hooping (yep, as in hula hooping!)


Susan gained some weight, so she exercised to lose the weight, but once she stopped working out, the weight came back. She started exercising again and lost the weight again, only to gain it back a few months later. Susan goes around and around and around – struggling to find that healthy lifestyle.

Well, Weight Watchers, based in Farmington Hills, is making it easier for Susan and others like her, who want to lose the weight and stay healthy, by putting a new twist on an old children’s toy. Beginning today (April 1), WW will roll out hula hoop demonstrations to members at 65 meetings located throughout metro-Detroit. These special hooping demonstrations will run through the end of the month and potentially reach more than 2,000 of our members as well as others, since these meetings are free and open to the public.“We want to introduce another form of exercise to people who might be bored with their current routine,” said Florine Mark, President and CEO of Weight Watchers Group, “or maybe we’ll inspire those who don’t have any routine right now but want to get active.”

Demonstrations will be presented by three certified hooping instructors. Specially designed hoops will be provided.

“What’s ironic here is that weight loss and healthy living is somewhat like a hula hoop, there is no beginning and no end. Once the movement begins, you need to keep it going to be successful,” said Mark.

Hooping is just one of the many activities WW has brought into their meetings rooms over the years to show members how much fun exercise can be. These open meetings allow members to bring friends and family.

For details,  just click on the “Hula Hooping” banner located on the top, left left of this page. Here is where you can get a complete list of hooping dates, locations and times.

Here is some background on our featured hooping instructors along with an actual video from Sitara Bird, who will be hosting demos in our Macomb County meetings. Don’t be intimidated. She’s a pro who once was a beginner! She’s the hooper in the front of the video:

Sitara Bird, Macomb County locations, certified by Hoopnotica.
Certified  Level 1 and 2 instructor
Hooping since 2007
Performed locally and Costa Rica

Tammy Brenner, Oakland County locations, certified by BodyHoops.
Certified Level 1 and 2 instructor
Hooping since 2008
Performed locally, in California and Costa Rica

Michele Shoha, Detroit locations, certified by BodyHoops.
Certified Level 1 and 2 instructor
Hooping since 2003
Performed locally, in California and Costa Rica