Farmers’ Markets: A Great Pick-Up Place

produce selection at a farmers' marketI love “clean” food. I use this word to describe any food that is unprocessed, fresh and loaded with nutrients. I love the taste, texture and aroma of clean foods. I love what they do for my body!  Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine.” No better advice can be given or taken when it comes to what we eat and why we choose to eat it.

Another thing I love, that goes hand-in-hand with my love for clean food, is the farmers’ market. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the country–farmers’ markets are every where. Where else can you go that offers locally grown fruits and vegetables that are perfectly-ripened when they’re picked and delivered straight from the grower to you? If that’s not enough reason, shopping for locally-grown and harvested foods eliminates the middle-man and lag time from the farm to the table. Did you know that before reaching your home, the average food item sold in grocery stores travels 1,300 miles! That’s a lot time for the food to lose its freshness and some viable nutrients as its in transit, not too mention how transporting food for this many miles affects our environment, pricing and fuel usage.

If you’re not already a farmers’ market aficionado, I say, “make it a point to visit one soon.” You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find, namely a vast selection of nutritious, fresh produce in an array of delicious varieties and colors. Fresh produce is a key part of a healthy lifestyle and this is a one-stop shop! What’s more, all fruits and most vegetables are zero PointsPlus values on the Weight Watcher program, so go to the market with a large, re-usable tote bag, some cash and an open mind.

I suggest that you walk around the entire market before buying anything so you know exactly what’s available, plus the extra steps might earn you some extra Activity Points. As you make your way around, talk to the growers and sample their offerings. The growers are THE experts in their crops and can share so much information. Check prices because they do vary from one vendor to another and be adventurous by picking different fruits and vegetables than you’re used to having. I have to tell you,  it’s a dream come true!

Here are some links to help you find a farmers’ market close to you. I hope to see you there, but be warned,  I will arm-wrestle you for the best berries and corn.

Farmers’ Market locations in Michigan

Farmers’ Market locations in Ontario

Farmers’ Market locations throughout US