Get Your True Grit On & Achieve Your Goals


‘Determination’ is one of the strongest words we may ever use in our lives. It is a word that speaks wonders about how seriously we approach achieving what we want for our lives.

Determination can make or break success.When trying to lose weight, determination is important when building the strong foundation we need to be successful. When making a decision to make a change to our life, we must first make a commitment, and then have the tenacity to do whatever it takes to actually make the change.

The dividing line between success and failure can be explained with 3 words: “I give up.”

Let’s face it, there are times we all are tempted to give up on something we set out to accomplish. We all face challenges in our lives, from caring for a sick family member, to making the best career or financial decisions, to deciding how to lose weight and get fit. But those who overcome challenges are the ones who face them head-on with courage and with a belief that they can do anything they want to do, if they want to do it bad enough. Throwing in the towel is not an option. People who are successful at their goals find ways around their obstacles and don’t let obstacles block their way. They have true grit.

One of my favorite stories is that of a Weight Watchers member who achieved a hundred pound weight loss.

This member travels 42 miles each way to attend a Weight Watchers meeting. Even more, she is 86 years of age and brings her sister, an 88- year-old lifetime member to the meetings with her each week. These ladies know all about determination and this is why they have been successful in their weight loss journey.

As you embark on achieving whatever you want in your live,  go at it with shear determination. For me, that’s been the key to success in everything I do. Determination is how I and so many other Weight Watcher members were able to lose the weight and keep it off. You can do the same.

  • Ginnybraun

    I’m in the last few months of my 3rd yr with WW and have lost 106# but I’ve been muddling along within the same 5# range for nearly a year now.  It is most frustrating because I stick with the program but I go up and down and basically stay the same.  I keep trying new things, like cutting way back on my fruit and eating far less meat, but nothing seems to push me out of this plateau.   I am a senior citizen and exercise but not as much as a lot of younger members.  I have a busy life and limited income so I’m not going to be hanging out at a gym.  I take 20 min. walks, do some stretching & hand weights in my apartment, and  have started a dance class which I enjoy.   I am determined to nevr give up even if I can’t get past this point on the scale.  I’m healthy now and only a few # above my healthy weight range.  I want to lose at least 10 more # but it’s a goal that’s getting further and further out of reach.  I am thankful for all I’ve acheieved and kept off but am working toward getting the rest of my weight off as soon as I can.