Hey, It’s OK to Indulge Every Once in Awhile!

Healthy eating includes lots of sensible choices with a few roguish indulgences thrown in, as well.

One of the reasons people following a weight loss plan ‘cheat” is that they feel deprived of their favorite foods. Any sensible program allows for flexibility and makes room for the occasional frosted brownie, chili dog or milk shake.

To be a little impish once in awhile, all you need is a plan.

Here are some tips to help balance out your splurge:

  • Snack smart by giving your cravings a nutritious makeover. If nachos are screaming your name, choose the baked chips, no-fat refried beans or black beans, salsa and non-fat cheese. Portion it out and count it toward your daily PointPlus total. If chocolate is your transgression, opt for a brand that will satisfy the cocoa craving yet is lower in fat and calories—making that choice lower in PointPlus values than traditional chocolate.
  • Savor the experience once you’ve made a decision to indulge in a certain snack or less-than-nutritious entree. You know how to sensibly fit it into your plan and are mindful that it’s about quality, not quantity. Adopting that strategy, there’s nothing else to do other then to relax and enjoy it. Relish each bite and swallow the guilt.
  • Pick one night each week for your favorite treat. Maybe Sunday is reserved for your small sundae; Friday might be fries day. Plan the rest of the day’s meals, snacks and physical activity around your treat. Compensate for it and balance everything out.
  • Bite it and write it because little things really do add up. Leave no food behind as you track your daily food intake or it will ultimately end up on your behind (or on your stomach, legs, hips).
  • Do some quick detective work if you’re partaking in a prepackaged food. Read the food label and digest the facts. A fat-free blueberry muffin purchased at a popular franchise bakery might seem like a treat AND a wise choice; the label will prove otherwise. There are 3 servings per muffin! Who eats 1/3 of a muffin? Sneaky!