Turn Your Weight Loss Journey into a Joy Ride!

Florine=motorcycleA good friend of mine, Marianne Williamson, said, Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

As you work at becoming healthier, it’s important to keep her words of wisdom in mind. After all, your thoughts, and how you feel, drive your behaviors. If you want great results, you have to be in a good place NOW—mentally and emotionally. Really, is there such a thing as being too happy in life or prematurely happy? I don’t think so!

A starting point to getting to that “good place” is to focus on all the positive lifestyle habits that are now (or quickly becoming) almost instinctual to you: you’re aware of nutrition labels and how to decipher them, you order your salad dressing “on the side” or use lower-fat substitutes, you practice portion-control (or are at least aware of when you overeat), and you know how energized and good you feel when you exercise. Don’t downplay anything good that you’re doing—this is joyful stuff!

All to many times I’ve heard Weight Watchers members as they weigh-in say, “Ahh, I only lost a pound this week.” If they would only recognize their accomplishment for what it really is, they could step down from the scale feeling quite content. Just think, if a person loses one pound a week consistently, that means they would be 50 pounds lighter within one year. Or—they could step off the scale telling themselves, “One pound off! That’s like melting 4 sticks of butter from my hips!” Better yet, they could take the focus off the number on the scale and recognize all the ways they’re now taking better care of their bodies and all the rewards that come from that.

The main reason we set out to do anything in life, including working to maintain a healthier weight, is to achieve a sense of happiness. There’s no need to put that on hold! Look for the joy in everyday life..it’s abundant and unlimited. I assure you, it’s not embargoed for “some day down the road.” Better yet, it’s an equal-opportunity employer that’s waiting for you to grab hold of it today!