Your Weight Loss Forecast: Mostly Pleasant with a 100% Chance of Success

Woman enjoying the rain and having fun outside

Many of us wake up each morning and turn on the TV or check a phone app to find out what the weather is going to be like. If we’re “weather people”, the forecast can provide insight as to how to go about the day and what needs to be adjusted to make for a good day.

For instance, if the report calls for all-day thunderstorms, we might make a face and vent a little, but still know we have to go about our daily business, such as going to work or school or showing up on time for an appointment. We also have to come up with a strategy or two to work our way around the weather, such as grabbing an umbrella, bringing an extra pair of (dry) shoes and maybe even leaving the house earlier than usual.All of this adjusting and tweaking is good and necessary if we don’t want to be held hostage by the elements, but we can’t forget to first focus on our attitude. We can either CHOOSE to go into the day all gloomy and doomy to match the weather or we can look at the positives and set ourselves up for a great day. The physical challenge bad weather—an external force which we have no control over—places on us is really not all that important. It’s not the end-all to be-all. If we want to, 99.9% of the time, we can successfully work around it. What’s really important is our decision to enjoy the day and make it productive no matter what it’s like outside. To do this we tap into our own resources —-internal forces which we do have total control over! I’m talking about resources like ingenuity, perseverance, willpower, abilities and talents.

Using our inner resources is something we rely on in the weight loss process, too. When we free them and put them to our use, we gain the power to manipulate the external challenges that try to stop us from achieving permanent weight loss success. Our success manifests itself internally. It always has and it always will. It’s not based an external factors, like parties, vacations, food-pushers or dining out. We set the tone and we have control over the results.

Just like getting a dismal weather report, when we’re faced with a weight-loss challenge we have to “internalize it” and:

  • DECIDE what we want to achieve.
  • DETERMINE the steps we need to take to work our way around the challenge or through it.
  • BELIEVE in our abilities to do it.
  • REMAIN MOTIVATED by keeping ourselves focused on all the positives the will come from our efforts.
  • ASK 	for help when we need it.