Free Yourself from the “Black & White, All or Nothing” Trap!

Give that all-or-nothing attitude a second thought.

So what if you had to walk the last 1/4 mile of a planned 3 mile run. You finished, didn’t you? What’s the big deal if you shared an impromptu dessert with a friend? C’mon, you fit it into your program and (or) did a good job of practicing portion control. What I want to stress is that sometimes the gray area is good enough. Celebrating small accomplishments is important when starting a long journey. Claim these successes! It’ll improve your morale and your stamina.

I’m working on catching myself in negative self-talk when it comes to my black and white thinking and turning my thoughts into more positive ones. Instead of beating myself up, down and sideways, I’m going to tell myself:



“Hey, I did really good and know how I can do even better the next time this happens.”
“I learn something new everyday!”
“I got this now!”

I don’t want to sabotage my efforts by thinking anything less than perfect is failure. I want to relax, have fun, and be proud of my accomplishments! With all of this hard work I’m doing… I deserve it. I’ll focus on quality rather than quantity. I’ll listen to my body. These are major accomplishments! Forget the black and white because when you think about, very little in life falls into one of those two extremes.

Pay attention to your way of thinking and the things you tell yourself. Be positive and treat yourself like the best supportive friend you’d ever want in life. As challenging situations present themselves, consider how you reacted to each a powerful learning experience. Consider the lesson you get from each a gift and run with it (or even walk) toward your goals.