Introducing Chef Isabella to!

Those of you who are lucky enough to know Chef Isabella will be thrilled to know that you now have more ways to connect with her!

For those of you who are saying “Chef who?!,” let me explain. Isabella Nicoletti is a talented Italian chef who has been working carefully and tirelessly to create delicious, healthful meals that fit seamlessly into a Weight Watchers lifestyle ever since I scooped her out of an Ann Arbor restaurant.

I want to share Chef Isabella, her inspiration, excitement, and passion for food with all of you! That’s why we’ve created so many new opportunities for you to learn from the chef! If you click on the “Chef Isabella Cooking” link on the top of the website, you will see a list of ways to get in touch with Chef Isabella and her cooking. You’ll be connected with her new blog where Chef Isabella will share about herself, her food, and provide you with tips and tricks for in the kitchen. You will also be able to access some of her favorite recipes. If you’d like to meet with Chef Isabella in person, you can click on “Meeting Appearances” to find out which meeting room Chef Isabella will be showing up to next! Or, for real healthy cooking foodies, you can sign up for a cooking class at the Weight Watchers Kitchen in Farmington Hills.

Whichever way you connect, be sure to check out Chef Isabella and all of the skill and personality she has to offer!