Knowledge is Power (and so are our vocal chords)!

Knowledge is power, guys. There’s a lot of push right now to publish nutrition information of foods on restaurant menus. It’s a hot-button issue. From early research, though, it looks like even when restaurants publish the information, many customers aren’t even looking at this information. That’s a shame because all of that information is right at our fingertips.

We need to empower ourselves to make decisions that are healthy for us. We need to make decisions that work for us. Let’s start using….really using… what we know to become more healthy and powerful. Be a detective! Take it a step further…ASK for the information you need. If a restaurant or cafe’ that you frequent doesn’t offer a nutritional breakdown of their menu items or healthier choices, ask the manager how he/she can make it happen? Then email the restaurant’s corporate headquarters with the same request. This asking and talking about our expectations will help us to push health issues to the top of our priority list. If we don’t care about our own health (and show it!) how can we expect restaurants, grocers and food-manufacturers to care?

It may feel uncomfortable, but I’m going to ask my grocer about produce this week. Maybe he or she has some more information about what’s fresh or local. Maybe the produce manager will know what pesticides, if any, were used on the produce. Then, I’m going to ask the butcher to tell me more about the meat I might purchase. How was the animal raised, what did it eat, how was it treated and what are the lowest-fat cuts. These are all important questions for me and maybe for you, too.

Look, we shouldn’t be afraid to know more about our food. I want to power my body with the best food possible and I’m going to use knowledge to get there. I’m also going to use my vocal chords to ask questions and my ears to really take in the answers. Talk about a mind-body connection!