Turning ‘I want’ into ‘I will’! Yep, That’s the Key.

Our achievements are based on how much effort we put into them–what we’re willing to do to get what we want. Most people wish they were richer, or fitter, but if you ask them what they’re willing to do for their wish, their response is less than enthusiastic. How many times have you heard from friends solutions like, “I’ll play the lottery more” or “I’m just waiting for the magic diet pill.”?  What it comes down to is that they’re leaving their lives to chance.

The truth is that each of has control over many of the things we want to achieve. If you want get to a healthier weight, but you’re not motivated enough to do the work required, trust me, you’ll live in a state of perpetual frustration. You’re too powerful and able to simply wish, put things off until tomorrow (or Monday) and leave your goals and wants to chance!

Try this…not for me….but for you:

1) Make a list of everything you want for your life--Write it all down and don’t leave anything out. Then, rate each item on a scale of 1-10 (1 means you don’t really want the thing at all, 10 means you want it very badly). This will help you to prioritize which goals really mean something to you and ones you could work on first.

2) Consider your investment–Let’s face it, we’re always working within time and energy constraints. Examine each of the items on your list and ask yourself, “Am I willing to invest the time, energy, and resources necessary to achieve this?” Be honest with yourself. Are you willing to do the work on your own behalf?

3) Make a decision–Even consider this an irreversible decision, make a COMMITMENT. Start working on a goal and plans to reach it within a given time frame and keep your focus on it.

No matter what goal we set, we can’t be passive about it. We have to own it, control it and work towards it.

Think about this analogy comparing you with an amazing car that you’ve bought: This car is state-of-the art, has a full tank of gas and a spectacular sound and computer system. It has all of the greatest options and bells and whistles. Lucky you…but there the car sits in the driveway. To enjoy it to the max, you’ve got to open the door, get in the driver’s seat, turn the key and put your foot on the pedal.