To Lose Weight, Delete All That Spam in Your Mind’s Inbox

If you’re like me, you hate to be spammed. Every day we spend way too much time and energy deleting unwanted and worthless emails …time that could be better spent really focusing in on the positive and meaningful messages that we get.

As much as we hate email spam, it seems strange that many of us invite “mental spam” into our brain’s inbox. Instead of someone else sending us junk, we actually spam ourselves with negative thoughts like, “ ’I’m so big”, “I can never find time to exercise because of my job”, or  “Even if I do lose a few pounds, I’ll just find them again.”

Do these messages sound familiar? The reality is that they are nothing more than worthless and dangerous thoughts that clog our brain and leave no room for the good message that we need to tell ourselves–ones that will actually work to our benefit.

Compare all of the negative, self-defeating stuff you tell yourself throughout any given day to a car that drives down a dirt driveway day-in and day-out for years on end.  This car has used the driveway for so long that its tires have made permanent grooves on the road’s surface. As we’re backing out, we have to make an effort to steer the car out of the ruts or the car will naturally follow the same worn path.

Our thought process is formed in the same way. Years of talking ourselves down and beating ourselves up cause ruts to be worn into our minds.  These ruts hold us back from finding new ways of accomplishing what we want.

One way to get out of a mental rut is to grab hold and take control of what we think and tell ourselves. We have to choose what we let in. This will steer us to the direction we want to go.

Every time a self-limited thought forms in your head, quickly identify it for what it is before allowing the whole message to permeate your mind. Once you realize it’s mental spam,  quickly click “delete” and  then immediately compose a message to yourself that is strong, in the now, positive and powerful.

When working toward a healthier weight…

Always remember that thoughts are things. They’re powerful forces that steer our actions.  You don’t want spam email finding its way into your inbox and you certainly don’t want spam to clog your mind.