Bring on the Zing: Chef Isabella Flavor Boosters for Everyday Meals!

colorful utensilsHere some quick tips that will take the boredom out of everyday recipes. They’re fast, easy and you’ll be astounded how each will make the recipe come alive!




A splash of citrus juice or vinegar to sauces, soups and stews will awaken the palate even more than salt. Try sherry vinegar or red wine vinegar with meat-based preparations, lime juice with seafood (great with lobster), and lemon juice with mostly everything.

Cured meat and smoked fish:

Just add a tiny bit of smoked trout, gravlax, prosciutto, pancetta or bacon for a savory punch to your recipe.

Instead of your standard Bolognese sauce (meat sauce), try a tasty tomato sauce with a bit of pancetta or bacon for body and flavor. Make a smoked trout and yogurt dip that you can enjoy with some crackers or as a sandwich; add a few greens to it like arugula or watercress.

When added cured meat and smoked fish, keep in mind that you don’t need to add a lot,  but no matter how little  you use, be sure to keep track of your PointsPlus values.

Herbs and spices:

Get used to using various herbs and spices in your meals and you’ll be surprised how much less salt, sugar and maybe even fat you’ll need to add to the dish. Fresh herbs and spices have a way of making each dish amazingly unique and delicious. Don’t limit yourself; try different types.Herbs and spices are not only good for when you’re cooking something on the stovetop or grill. Use them on cold salads, sandwiches and in dips and spreads.  Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cumin in desserts recipes will allow you to cut down on the sugar content.


Here’s an easy cooking technique that will give your meat an extreme flavor burst:  Start with a hot pan. Add heat-safe oil, like canola and let that get hot. Place the meat in the pan and brown it for one or two minutes per each side.

Depending on what you are cooking and the size of it, you could finish the entire cooking process in the same pan or transfer it in a hot oven to finish cooking.