Read Between the Lines When It Comes to Weight-Loss Hype

mag rack.JPGThis week while you’re waiting to check out at the grocery story, take a look at the magazine covers lining the racks near the register. What you’re going to see are a million ways to lose weight over the holidays. Each issue touts its own particular spin on something that’s really not a secret: To lose weight you have to take in less food than your body can burn. It’s really that simple.

Now, when you make the decision to lose weight you can do this is a healthy way or you can go about it in a way that can actually cause your body more harm than good. I’m hoping you choose the former because you have a lot riding on that decision, namely your own well-being and long-term success.

I get it; patience is a difficult thing to accept when it comes to weight loss. We all want to lose weight in a snap, but rarely do we take into consideration that we didn’t put on the excess weight in a week or two. Healthy weight-loss and maintenance is a process. A necessary process. You’re not going to learn the ins-and-outs of healthy living by eliminating certain food groups or eating miracle cookies or taking the newest over-the-counter supplement.

What’s in it for you to be patient by going through the process of healthy weight loss? A lot! Your long-term ability to keep your weight off, your satisfaction, your health.

To lose lose weight in a healthy, safe way, you should commit to a plan that…

  • allows you to eat foods from all the food groups, aka adhere to a balanced diet! Your body needs and craves nutrients and vitamins found from all the major food groups. No single food or single food group can supply all nutrients in the amounts you need. We need nutrients found in foods from each group for our bodies to function properly and to be healthy. To settle or convince yourself differently is only fooling yourself.
  • gives you room for occasional small indulgences of foods/drinks that might not fit neatly into a single food group. You know what I’m talking about. For some, it might be that glass of wine; for others, like me, it could be a scoop of ice cream. Look, no one wants to feel deprived of their favorite snacks for any length of time. Deprivation is the quickest way to lose motivation.
  • doesn’t require you to take a special pill, powder, liquid or herb. Your body wants and needs real food, plus many of these products aren’t regulated so we really don’t know what’s in them or the effects it can have on our bodies.
  • is holistic by nature. Now that may sound like a new-age, guru-ish type phrase, but it simply means that (for weight loss purposes) everything about you is taken into serious consideration: your body, your mind, your emotions. There is a physical side behind effective weight loss, as well as a psychological side. A holistic approach will take this all into consideration while addressing behaviors, good nutrition, physical activity and support.
  • is upfront about weight-loss expectations. After the first three weeks on a proven plan, you can expect to lose one to two pounds a week. That’s the safe and sustainable rate.
  • teaches you how to adopt PERMANENT healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors. I’m talking about learning portion-sizes, being more active and knowing which foods are best for you and choosing those foods most of the time.
  • offers you support including tools, resources, mentors and camaraderie.

I promise you that the Weight Watchers approach to sustainable weight-loss meets all the above criteria. It’s comprehensive, proven and effective. Its approach is designed on the premise the weight management needs to fit into your life, not be your life.

Do your research, make the best decision and make a commitment to yourself.  No one is more deserving than you!