Martini Salad by Chef Isabella

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Serves 2

PointsPlus values per serving: 5 



½ fresh large tomato, small diced

¼ cup small diced yellow bell pepper

½ medium small diced avocado

6 large olives cut into wedges- for garnish

2 tsp. capers in vinegar, drained- for garnish

½ cup thin cut spinach (or any other greens of preference)

3 OZ. canned salmon, drained OR 3 OZ cooked wild salmon

2 tsp. extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp. fresh lemon juice

Salt and pepper to taste


Season each vegetable with some salt and pepper and start composing the salad in layers in 2 martini glasses. Reserve spinach for last. Put the salmon on top. Finish with the greens, sprinkle capers around, and lay olives nicely. Drizzle with the oil at last.

Feel free to change vegetables as well as the protein if you wish. The idea is to make something different and colorful so just use your imagination!

If you don’t have martini glasses, any nicer glass will work, even an ice cream dish. You must play with what you have, remember!