The Star-Power Behind Reaching Your Goals

scThink of anything you’ve accomplished in life so far. What drove you to keep going no matter what came your way or who got in your way? What fueled you to accept nothing but success as the outcome?

Besides your ever- evolving arsenal of tricks and talents, there is one main, inner driver that can put you in overdrive to get whatever you set out to accomplish. That driver is “self-confidence. It’s the beam that puts a bright spotlight on your capabilities.  It’s the fuel behind persistence and tenacity. It’s the X-factor that you might not even realize you have.

 Years ago, self-confidence wasn’t even in my vocabulary.  Yes, back then I still accomplished things that were important to me, but I had to push, push, and push some more. It was hard work –more difficult than it had to be in a lot of instances. Then, during one particularly harrowing, head-in-hands moment, a realization hit. It was then that I took responsibility for over-dramatizing the task at hand. I was the one talking myself down and casting doubt. I was the one questioning my abilities and closing doors, instead of tugging on knobs to fling them open. I knew that this goal that I was just about to give up on, was really no different from the others I set for myself in the past. Somehow, I had successfully managed to maneuver my way through those. And when I deconstructed that “somehow,” it became my proof that I had exactly what it took to see challenges through.  It was also then that my self-confidence was unleashed and I gave it a name. It was and still is my star-power. It launches everything else that I have going for me.

So if you’re struggling developing a healthy-dose of the fuel that self-confidence provides, here are a few steps you can take to nurture yours:

  • Take a good look in the rear view mirror of your life and review all of your accomplishments so far. Raising kids? Finishing school? Getting your driver’s license? Financing a home? Walking or running a 5K? Going after a job? Diffusing an argument?
  • Once you have a big list of all the things you’ve been successful with so far, identify the skill-sets you needed and put those skills to use for future ambitions.
  • Keep meeting new people, learning new things and new ways of doing things.
  • Come out of hiding and face your fears.
  • Identify negative thoughts and self-talk for what they are….saboteurs!
  • Know what you know and know what you want.

Unleash your star-power! You have what it takes so give it a name.