You Become What You Wear

How your wardrobe affects your mood and how people perceive you

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We’ve always been told, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but is this really true when it comes to the clothes we wear? Think about it, it’s one of the first things people notice when we walk into a room. It can affect their first impression, so if you’re feeling great, wear your bright, bold colors or wear that dress you absolutely love, but never get the chance to wear. If you show up to a party, a date or even a meeting wearing something drab and ill-fitting, people might assume you are trying to blend in and hide beneath your wardrobe. You are a wonderful human being–let yourself shine!

Research has shown that what we wear effects not only other peoples’ perceptions of us, but also our own emotional states. Women who are confident and happy tend to express their mood through vibrant colors, well-fitted clothing and accessories, whereas oversized clothing and a disheveled appearance tend to reflect discomfort and a lack of confidence. Not to mention, a well-dressed person will naturally receive more positive feedback and compliments, which will in turn reinforces their self-confidence.

For me, the clothes I wear and the colors I choose definitely affect how I feel throughout the day! When I wear bright, bold colors, I smile more. I stand taller and I speak up when I feel like sharing my opinion.  I feel happy, positive, in control, productive and ready to take on anything that comes my way. You know the feeling! The one where you walk out the door feeling on top of the world.

Once I lost my weight, and even while I was losing it, I lost my negative attitude and outlook on life. I became a healthier, happier, more confident person and it reflected in the way I dressed. Throughout my journey, I always bought a few inexpensive pieces of clothing that were flattering. I didn’t spend a lot, but they made me feel so good. Now that I’m maintaining, you will never find me wearing clothes that are baggy or loose fitting. The reason is simple: I am proud of what I achieved and like to remind myself and others every single day!

Try on some bold, flattering pieces of clothing. Start small if you’re uncomfortable, maybe a bright scarf or tie. Notice how you feel and add to your wardrobe as you go along. Remember, you’re worth the effort and you will look and feel stunning, inside and out!