A Well-Stocked Kitchen=Endless Recipes

kitchenTo be successful in making nutritious snacks and meals at home, you must first have food! A well-stocked kitchen is  key to being able to create something healthy, without having to run out to the grocery store.

So where to begin? Here a short list of staples I keep on hand at all times that you might want to stock your kitchen with, too:

Pickled vegetables, such as beets, okra, onions, cornichons (pickled cucumbers), and hot pepper jelly.

Anchovies, olives, and roasted red peppers.

Beans of all types.

Canned artichokes (in water), tuna (in water), and sun-dried tomato paste.

Nuts and seeds– I keep these in my freezer because they tend to stay fresher.

Healthy crackers, tortillas, roll-ups or bread. When shopping, it’s easy to choose from a huge variety of low sodium, low fat, low carbs, and gluten free products. I always keep a variety of Flatout bread in my fridge because they are versatile and tasty. Pizza anyone?

Cheese.  All kinds, including:Parmigiano Reggiano, goat cheese, feta cheese and light cream cheese.

Dried fruits are one of my favorite treats; Yes, they are usually high in sugar, but then again, it’s all about moderation, right?

Puff pastry. I like to have this in my freezer because I use it to make savory strudels, as well as sweet treats, and fast nibbles. So, that you are going to make spreads, quick bruschettas, or tasty roll-up.

Whole grains.  Couscous, brown rice, quinoa

Fruits and vegetables. These are essential. Fresh, frozen and canned veggies and fruits –they take over my kitchen.

The strategy behind stocking up your kitchen with the basics is that you can fix something that tastes incredible and is low in SmartPoints values in a flash. It can also save you money. To see what I mean about being a frugal foodie, view this video: