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We all know local news programming can use some levity at times.

On Monday evenings, “Ask Florine” airs as a weekly segment on “Local 4 News” at 6 pm newscast on WDIV-TV (Channel 4) in Detroit, Michigan. Each week, I delve into topics that viewers want to know about.

From food tips to nutritional facts – ways to feeling good to combating colds – and stories of success to personal triumphs – “Ask Florine” offers knowledge and inspiration in doses that are easy to digest.

Even if you can’t tune in (and I hope you do!), I would like to share some program insight with you. In addition to enjoying some sound bytes from the show, feel free to submit a question here. I just may be able to respond to you on this site.

Q. I consider myself a coffee-holic. Will drinking coffee hinder my weight loss efforts?


Studies to date show that coffee itself, does not stall or help with weight loss. With that said, keep in mind there’s a big caloric difference between one lump of sugar in your coffee versus three – not to mention add-ins like caramel syrup and chocolate shavings. Indulge in too many of these extras and the way you drink coffee can certainly affect your weight loss – in the wrong direction.

Q. I just had a baby! I’m looking forward to getting back in shape so I can keep up with my child. Do you have any tips that might help me?


First, check with your OB-GYN. They will know when you are ready to begin exercising and if you’re nursing, eating to lose weight.

One of the most important tips is to remember that you are no longer ‘eating for two’. Watching portion-sizes and eating a balanced diet will be crucial.

Also, make time to include physical activity into your day. Sure you’ll be running around with and for your child but you’ll also want to resume or begin an exercise program. Many gyms now provide daycare for mothers and you can also boost your walking workout up a notch by pushing a stroller, pulling a wagon or peddling a bike with a car seat in tow.

Q. I have an embarrassing amount of stretch marks on my back, hips and legs. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of these?


Stretch marks are more common that you may think. In fact, about half of all women who have children have stretch marks. These marks usually form in the final trimester when the uterus is growing most rapidly. Another cause of stretch marks can be rapid weight gain or rapid weight loss.

While there is no cure for stretch marks, you can try to prevent future stretch marks by eating healthily and remaining physically active. Also, some believe vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) may aid in prevention.

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