One of the most successful women in America, Florine Mark built a weight-loss empire spanning fourteen states and parts of Canada and Mexico. CEO and Chairman of the Board of The WW Group, Inc., Florine was the owner of the largest number of Weight Watchers franchises in the world. In Talk to the Mirror she tells you how she turned a lackluster life into the one she once only dreamed of. And even better, she wants to teach you how to do it—giving you the tools to realize that the most important asset you have is YOU!

Things weren’t always so great for Florine. A painfully self-conscious girl who grew up fifty pounds overweight, poor, and made fun of at school, Florine hated what she saw when she looked in the mirror. It wasn’t until her late twenties—following a failed marriage, years of painful struggles with debilitating self-esteem issues, and a reliance on diet pills that almost ended her life—that she turned her life around and went on to become one of the most admired businesspeople and motivational speakers in America. In this amazing and inspiring guide to self-empowerment, Florine Mark tells you how she turned her life around, sharing her most intimate experiences and wisdom.

Florine’s message is simple: before you change things like your weight, career, social life and relationships, you must learn to give yourself the same unconditional love and support you would give your best friend. With Talk to the Mirror as your guide, you’ll learn to make friends with that person in the mirror.

Whether self-doubt is holding you back, or you feel something is missing from your life, this is the place to feel safe as you challenge yourself with Florine’s self-quizzes, exercises, and inspirational stories that will help you to discover how to:

  • Replace negative self-image with a reflection of the person you want to be
  • Treat yourself with unconditional respect, kindness, and support
  • Conquer your fears of failure and discover your true potential
  • Cope with life’s challenges and disappointments
  • Achieve your goals—professionally, socially, and romantically
  • Brimming with warmth, humor, wisdom, and sound advice from the woman next door who made the journey herself, Talk to the Mirror gives you powerful insights and tools for freeing the beautiful and empowered person inside.
  • Talk to the Mirror—Feel Great About Yourself Each and Every Day is available online at and at bookstores throughout the U.S.