Squash or Pumpkin? Is There a Difference? (incl. recipes)

temp_squashI get this question all the time: “What is the difference between a squash and a pumpkin?”

Well, to keep it simple, pumpkin is one type of squash and squash generally refers to four species of genus cucurbita, including the species to which pumpkin belongs. So, to make it clearer, both squash and pumpkin belong to the same family (the cucurbitaceae). A pumpkin is a type of squash.

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Tools of the Trade That I Wouldn’t Trade….by Chef Isabella

kitchen toolsThe million dollar question: How many kitchen gadgets, tools and appliances does one really need?  Some people collect kitchen gadgets; others can get by with a paring knife, a spatula and a frying pan. No one’s judging because there really is no right or wrong nor rhyme or reason.

Friends are surprised when they come into my kitchen. I’m a professional chef but my kitchen is not as well-equipped as some people might think. I don’t have all the gadgets and tools that make every single job easier and I certainly don’t have all of the latest appliances in the season’s hottest colors.  It’s not that I don’t want them, but I have a small kitchen. Space is limited so I can’t impulse buy. I really have to think twice (and sometimes three times) when I’m at the store with the latest and greatest gadget in my hands. “Do I only want it because it’s cool?” , “Is this something that I’ll use once and then forget about?” and “Is this worth the money and space?”

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