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Got a question for me? I’d be happy to help feed your love for preparing & cooking food.

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My wife & I attended your really wonderful session March 22nd at Clinton Twp., Weight Watchers. You mentioned something about growing scalions in your garden??? Can you take a store bought bunch of scalions & plant them bulb and root end down in the ground, then continue to trim & harvest some of the green portion of the scalion periodically? – Edward


Hi Edward, thank you for your question.

Yes, you got it right -just buy one bunch of scallions at the store, trim the green part (use it, remember, it’s all edible!) and plant the white part with the root down. You could plant it in a large pot or on the ground,  just as you plant any herbs pot that you would buy at the store. When you plant green onions, remember  to leave a little of the green part of the edge of the bulb sticking outside the dirt. Try it in a month or so when dirt is getting “warmer”and full sun is, of course, best for it. Also remember to water the plants if we don’t get much rain.They will grow and you just keep clipping the green part off and they will keep growing. You can do this through summer and fall, although, they might survive the winter (especially the warm one like the one we just had), and you can still have your own supply until January. After that, just wait for spring time to buy a new bunch and replant it.

The good thing about green onions is that they are inexpensive. Buy 2 or 3 bunches and just play with them.

Hope this gives you enough good information to get you started. Let me know how it goes.

Thanks again, Isabella