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The radio show about inspiring women with the vision, the talent, the creativity, and the knowledge to succeed. These women impact their own lives and the surrounding communities. Let their remarkable stories motivate you.

In this day and age, it’s important to celebrate being a woman and everything that’s unique about being totally female. Yes, women can do anything. But so often, we’re running in so many directions trying to prove ourselves, we lose track of all our wonderful abilities that are inherent with being women you.

Women need women. Our friendships allow us to celebrate all aspects of our feminine nature and to uncover our hidden dreams. We support and encourage each other on our journey to become all that we dream of becoming. Together we dare each other to strive for more in ways that don’t threaten our sense of self. Women together become better women.

So welcome to Remarkable Woman, the radio show that celebrates the attitude, passion, and spirit that make EVERY woman so remarkable! This show honors, in every respect, in every way, without apology, and certainly without comparison…women!

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