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Guidelines for Submitting a Speaking Request for FLORINE MARK

Thank you for your interest in requesting Florine Mark to speak at your event.

Florine Mark receives several speaking invitations each day. To ensure that your request is given full consideration, please follow guidelines and provide all  information as instructed.

Timeliness of Request

Please submit your request as far ahead of time as possible. We suggest all requests be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the event.

Consideration of Request

When reviewing your request, the following areas will be considered:

  • Topic
  • Number of Attendees
  • Travel time, location, and time of presentation
  • Speaker’s Fee

Overnight Accommodations

If overnight accommodations are necessary, the WW Group will contact you for additional information and assistance.

Material Requests:

  • Agenda (final copy or draft)
  • Background/Outline of the program, purpose and other guest speakers
  • Brochure, website or other background material on your organization
  • Final copy (or draft) of press releases
  • Map/Directions to the facility
  • Convenient parking space and complimentary parking pass

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