Enjoy Meals with a Sensible Eater if You Want to Eat Less

friends eating-25602435_sWho you sit down to enjoy a meal with and how much they eat can actually influence how much you consume , a UNSW Australia-led study concludes.

This psychological effect, is known as social modeling. What it boils down to is that most people tend to eat less than they normally would if they dined alone when their companion consumes smaller portions of food.

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Farmers’ Markets: A Great Pick-Up Place

produce selection at a farmers' marketI love “clean” food. I use this word to describe any food that is unprocessed, fresh and loaded with nutrients. I love the taste, texture and aroma of clean foods. I love what they do for my body!  Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine.” No better advice can be given or taken when it comes to what we eat and why we choose to eat it.

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