The Star-Power Behind Reaching Your Goals

scThink of anything you’ve accomplished in life so far. What drove you to keep going no matter what came your way or who got in your way? What fueled you to accept nothing but success as the outcome?

Besides your ever- evolving arsenal of tricks and talents, there is one main, inner driver that can put you in overdrive to get whatever you set out to accomplish. That driver is “self-confidence. It’s the beam that puts a bright spotlight on your capabilities.  It’s the fuel behind persistence and tenacity. It’s the X-factor that you might not even realize you have.

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To Lose Weight, Delete All That Spam in Your Mind’s Inbox

If you’re like me, you hate to be spammed. Every day we spend way too much time and energy deleting unwanted and worthless emails …time that could be better spent really focusing in on the positive and meaningful messages that we get.

As much as we hate email spam, it seems strange that many of us invite “mental spam” into our brain’s inbox. Instead of someone else sending us junk, we actually spam ourselves with negative thoughts like, “ ’I’m so big”, “I can never find time to exercise because of my job”, or  “Even if I do lose a few pounds, I’ll just find them again.”

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