Hi. My Name is Florine and I’m a Recovering Perfectionist!

imperfection 35029320_sI don’t like to fail at anything I set out to do. You probably feel the same way. You know who dislikes it even more? Perfectionists and I think we all have some perfectionist tendencies.

Being a black and white, all or nothing thinker can cause a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. But that’s not all. Perfectionism can ravage one’s healthy lifestyle goals.

We all want to do our best, no matter what the circumstances are, but do you know what? Sometimes we fall short of our expectations. We sometimes overeat, miss a day of exercise, bypass a day of tracking. The list could go on and on. Guess what? That’s okay! What’s not alright is to throw in the towel. A gaffe is temporary and surmountable, and we have to look at each in that way. The perfection monster is elusive, so don’t spend your life chasing it.

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Your Weight Loss Forecast: Mostly Pleasant with a 100% Chance of Success

Woman enjoying the rain and having fun outside

Many of us wake up each morning and turn on the TV or check a phone app to find out what the weather is going to be like. If we’re “weather people”, the forecast can provide insight as to how to go about the day and what needs to be adjusted to make for a good day.

For instance, if the report calls for all-day thunderstorms, we might make a face and vent a little, but still know we have to go about our daily business, such as going to work or school or showing up on time for an appointment. We also have to come up with a strategy or two to work our way around the weather, such as grabbing an umbrella, bringing an extra pair of (dry) shoes and maybe even leaving the house earlier than usual. Continue reading

I Really Want to Get to A Healthier Weight! Wait…I Hate Making Changes!

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There are certain constants in our lives—things that we can absolutely count on. Paying taxes is a constant most of us share, while running into the neighborhood gossip at the store, when I have my hair haphazardly pulled back, no make-up on and in sweats, is one I can personally count on. (I don’t know why I tempt fate.)

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