Living’s Easy! Cool Summertime Meal Ideas by Chef Isabella

Image of sliced watermelon with the words, "Living's Easy"When in comes to preparing food, summertime has it all over the other seasons, according to me, at least. One of the reasons I find it so much easier, no matter how busy I am, is that I can enjoy raw, chilled and grilled foods without turning on the oven.

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Enjoy Meals with a Sensible Eater if You Want to Eat Less

friends eating-25602435_sWho you sit down to enjoy a meal with and how much they eat can actually influence how much you consume , a UNSW Australia-led study concludes.

This psychological effect, is known as social modeling. What it boils down to is that most people tend to eat less than they normally would if they dined alone when their companion consumes smaller portions of food.

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Crayon or Computer….If You Bite It, Write It!

New research shows that people who keep a journal were more likely to be successful at taking off pounds than those who didn’t. In fact the researchers say it’s the #1 piece of advice they’d offer people who are trying to lose weight.

To Weight Watchers members, this is not new news. It’s so 1970’s! Journaling, tracking, whatever you want to call it, has been a vital part of our program for years upon years.

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